We Told You So! Keke Palmer Officially Joins Michael Strahan and Sara Haines for 'GMA3: Strahan, Sara, and Keke'

Keke Palmer is officially coming to ‘Good Morning America.’

After lovebscott.com exclusively broke the news last July that GMA honchos were figuring out how to add Keke to the lineup, it was announced today that she’ll be joining the third hour alongside Michael Strahan and the recently-returned Sara Haines.

What was ‘Strahan and Sara’ will be renamed ‘GMA3: Strahan, Sara, and Keke’ to accommodate the newest co-host.

“It’s been a blast having Keke co-host this summer,” executive producer Rory Albanese said. “She brings a unique and spontaneous energy viewers love. She’s a multitalented artist, and I’m thrilled to have her join Michael and Sara every day. The three of them are a terrific team, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“We love Keke because she stepped up to the plate and joined our family and carried the ball,” Haines said.

Strahan was also effusive in his praise of Palmer, telling her, “What you have done is amazing and we appreciate you. We love you. You add to so much of what we do here. This is not just a gift for us. It’s a gift for America.”

Congrats Keke! We’re so proud of you!

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