Watch: Jamie Foxx Hilariously Impersonates John Legend & Jennifer Hudson on 'The Tonight Show' & Nails It [Video]


How can you not love Jamie Foxx?

The singer, songwriter, actor, comedian and producer appeared on The Tonight Show Tuesday night and was challenged by host Jimmy Fallon to a game of  Wheel of Musical Impressions.

What is that, you ask?

Wheel of Musical Impressions is a game where two contestants are assigned a random singer and nontraditional song after pushing a button. Once the contestants receive their assignment, they’re tasked with delivering their best impression of the singer performing the specified song.

Jamie was initially tasked with impersonating Mick Jagger, but ended up destroying Jimmy with hilarious impersonations of John Legend singing the Toys ‘R’ Us theme song and Jennifer Hudson singing On Top of Spaghetti.


You must watch below.

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