Watch: Jada Pinkett Smith Gets Candid About ‘Deterioration' of 'Fantasies’ in Her Marriage to Will Smith [Video]

Jada Pinkett Smith is diving back into her 21-year marriage to Will Smith for the latest episode of ‘Red Table Talk.’

In Monday’s episode, Jada spoke about the reality versus expectations of marriage with her guests, rapper Wale and Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni.

via People:

“Let me tell you, nobody talks about the sacrifice, the deterioration and the dissolving of fantasies,” she told Wale, 34, about her more than two-decades-long marriage. “You, right now, have in your mind your perfect woman. And when you find that woman, she’s gonna be a goddess to you. We fall in love with the goddess, or the god, within that person, and then when we actually meet the human being, then we gotta learn how to love that one.”

“The reason why it is so important to me to be able to stick it out is to really get to the true meaning of love, in my opinion, it is unconditional,” she continued. “It has to be, because we are all too flawed. No matter how much work we do! It never ends.”

“It never ends,” Baldoni, 35, added. “It ends the day that we leave this planet.”

“There have been several occasions where you just had enough and you want to leave and I just couldn’t. Or Will just couldn’t,” the actress said during the episode. “Because we knew this was what was meant to be, this partnership.”

“I grew up in a single parent home, I didn’t see all the time healthy relationships,” Smith added. “I came to the table with a lot of pain and a lot of brokenness. And most of all, I came to the table with some hardcore daddy issues. It made me really angry towards men. I had very high expectations.”

“But I had to change that,” she added. “I can’t ask somebody to be for me what I am not willing to be for them.”

Smith added that the journey to love and acceptance can take a long time.

“At the end of the day, to know that you have another person that can love you for all that you are … Will has loved me through the worst of myself,” she added. “And I have done the same. When somebody can love you in that way, it makes your faith in the world come together. I am 47 years old and I want you to know, that this is probably the first year of my life that I can say, ‘I am happy,’ because that’s how long the journey has been.”

Will, 50, was previously on Red Table Talk in October 2018, where he also opened up about how he healed his marriage to the actress after a trying period.

“I was devastated even worse than a divorce. We broke up within our marriage and got back together again,” he said. “We had to rebuild with new rules and something way, completely different.”

Get into the episode below!

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