Watch: Future Tells The WHOLE Story About His Involvement in Crafting Beyoncé's 'Drunk In Love' [Video]

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We got a more in-depth version of how Future wrote the melody for Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” and how he isn’t sure why he didn’t end up with credit for that song, but in a new interview with Sway, Future tells the entire story…finally.

To sum it up, he says that he was in the booth recording a song (which was later given to B.o.B.) and Detail interrupted his session asking him to “cut the record” so Beyoncé could hear the song with his voice. He was reluctant at first, but then heard the song and decided to go in the booth with it.

When Future and Detail finished working on the song, Detail flew the song to New York and Beyoncé loved it and recorded. Detail called Future from New York excited, saying that she was “killing it” and that he knew it was going to be big.

After several months went by with no word from Beyoncé or Detail about the fate of the song, Future and Detail went to work on “Good Morning” which was set for inclusion on Future’s album that was originally supposed to drop in November. His album got pushed back to April, and right after that Beyoncé surprised everyone with her album — which featured “Drunk in Love”.

Future says he had no idea Bey decided to use the song, but knows that Detail did and was a little upset that Detail didn’t say anything to him. Since the beginning melodies are nearly identical, Future couldn’t put “Good Morning” on his album — but dropped it online for the fans.

As far as his working relationship with Detail, it’s good. Future says he hopes that business will be handled and that’s that.

Get into Future’s explanation below!

It seems like Future didn’t want to make a big fuss about the whole thing at first…but now that it’s getting attention he has no choice but to tell it like it is.

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