Watch: Ciara Cries Tears of Joy When Talking about Future for 'Brides' Magazine [Video]

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Ciara loves her some Future!

She struggled to keep her emotions under control during a behind-the-scenes interview for Brides magazine. She told the mag about the first time she met Future and how truly unexpected their love was.

She said:

The conversation was amazing and we [were] just talking and he was so sweet and he was so gentle. Ah! I don’t know why I’m getting emotional. He was just really, really a sweetheart. So either way…I don’t know why I’m getting emotional right now.

I wasn’t looking at him for that part of life. Like I wasn’t looking at him to look for love. Just like meeting an amazing person, we’re gonna work together, have a good time. But I had a double take at one point in time and I was like, “This guy is really handsome. He’s really cute. He’s really tall!” You don’t know what to expect when you meet somebody, but I’m looking at him and I’m thinking like, “Wow!”

How adorable! Check out the video below to see what else she had to say about her man and their upcoming wedding.

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