Amber Rose Accuses 1Oak Nightclub Doorman of Homophobia, Refuses to Go Inside: 'Muva will never leave her friends behind'


It’s not like we needed another reason to love Amber Rose, but she just gave us one more anyway. 

Last night, Amber and some friends went out in West Hollywood and stopped by popular 1Oak nightclub. According to Amber, their plans quickly changed after the homophobic doorman refused to let her gay friend go inside. 

She quickly took to Twitter to put him and the club on blast:

‘Botched surged d*** face at the door of 1Oak LA wouldn’t let my Gay Male friend in with us Girls. Battling with ur sexuality? I think so.

‘So we obviously left. Muva will never leave her friends behind.’



That’s what we call being a true friend. Friends don’t stand by and let friends get disrespected.

Kudos to Amber and her girls for taking a stand!

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