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Waka Flocka Flame’s Wife Tammy Rivera Claps Back At Critics Questioning Her Worth As Woman

Waka Flocka Flame’s wife Tammy Rivera isn’t letting people judge her worth as a woman. The singer/fashion designer has fired back at some online critics who made negative remarks about her being a wife.

Proving that she made sacrifice for the rapper in the past, the 33-year-old posted a screenshot of a 2017 news article about her testifying in favor of her husband that helped him dodge gun charges. She wrote on Twitter, “Don’t talk to me about being a real WIFE!!! I hold mines down period! He knows wassup! #tammyandwaka #WTF.”

The television personality also shut down her haters, “Enough is enough!! It’s crazy the amount of woman that can talk down on me instead of saying.. Damn Tammy I know you been through a lot just work on getting better instead this old miserable winches rather say I’m not worthy of being a wife/woman?!! Damn lmao.”

Many people have posted supportive messages for Tammy, with one writing, “People just mad because you honest with your s**t, it takes a lot to go on tv n show your TRUE self. While others get exposed everyday tryn keep s**t a secret or pretend like they got it all together. Keep being you gorgeous.”

Another tweeted, “Woman wit their opinions are the ones who’ve never been in a position to be a ‘wife’ and ‘mother’ .. it’s no rule book on being both so how is someone going to say what’s right and what’s wrong!! You are doing the absolute best you feel & that’s all that matters!”

A third fan defended her, “You can only be you. You set the tone for yourself. Everyone and everything else will fall in place. You’re a solid female that’s gon through a lot but don’t let situations consume you. You’re great incredible stand on it.”

Tammy then wrote back to those who have been supporting her, “For all the women who have dm’ed me Ans tweeted me giving me motivation and prayer! I appreciate it! I’m not perfect Lord knows but I love my family to DEATH! And I go hard everyday for all of them! No matter how much s**t I talk they know I’ll die for them no questions asked!”

Tammy and Waka are sharing their marriage life on reality series “Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka”, which airs every Thursday on WE TV.

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