Vince Herbert: 'I think if Aaliyah were here, she definitely would have liked Drake'

The Urban Daily recently spoke with Vince Herbert (Tamar Braxton’s Husband) about his early career, working with the late Aaliyah, and his thoughts on the controversial Drake & Aaliyah collaboration. Peep what he had to say about it below.

TUD: You worked with Aaliyah on her album “One In A Million.” How do you feel about the posthumous project being headed by Drake?

Vince: I feel like, you know, music is blindless, colorless and it doesn’t have any type of thought to it. It just wants to make you feel good and make you sad. So I think it’s a great thing. I think if Aaliyah was here she definitely would’ve liked Drake. She would’ve wanted to work with him. Because she loved to be kind, new and innovative. And I think with him and his producer 40 are doing it great.

You can check out the rest of the interview here.

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