Video of Blueface With Exotic Dancers Around His Son Prompts Police, Child Protective Services Investigation

Blueface videos showing his young son hanging around exotic dancers at home are getting a lot of attention.

via: Complex

According to TMZ, the West Coast rapper has had the cops called to his Los Angeles-area house nine times since May. The most serious call was for an investigation by the DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) for allegedly bringing strippers around his children.

Per TMZ, the investigation was prompted by a video uploaded by Blueface in July. In the footage, his son is seen looking around a pantry for snanks while scantily clad women were dancing in another room. “There’s booty cheeks out here and you’re looking for chips and Slim Jims and shit,” says the rapper in the video before asking his son if he’s gay. After asking his son a few more times if he’s gay, the child shakes his head “no,” and the two dap it up.

The report also claims that Blueface still has his son, with the DCFS investigation at a halt likely because no one answered the door or picked up the phone when deputies were dispatched to his residence.

The law enforcement source also told the outlet that noise complaints from loud music and barking dogs have brought the police to Blueface’s home.

The “Thotiana” rapper seems to be shrugging off the allegations per a short message published on his Instagram Stories. “Old news,” he wrote with a yawning emoji.

Last week, Blueface’s ex Chrisean Rock gave birth to their child, Chrisean Malone. The 26-year-old artist was not present for their live-streamed birth and had previously suggested that he was not the father. A paternity test taken on their Zeus reality show Crazy in Love proved otherwise, bringing the “Famous Cryp” rapper’s child count to three.

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