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‘Unenforceable Agreement’: Teddy Pendergrass Widow Fighting Tyrese Gibson’s Lawsuit Over Late Singer’s Biopic

Tyrese‘s Voltron Entertainment is suing Teddy Pendergrass‘ widow, Joan, for at least $1 million in damages over the abandoned rights to the late crooner’s life story.

via: Radar Online

Pendergrass’ widow has fired back at Gibson’s lawsuit over the rights to the late singer’s biopic.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Joan Pendergrass asked a court to dismiss all claims brought by Tyrese’s production company, Voltron Entertainment.

In the lawsuit, Tyrese claimed his company secured the rights to Teddy’s life story in 2011. He said the singer’s widow signed off on the deal.

Tyrese said Joan agreed to give him the rights to a book and a movie in exchange for him investing in the projects.

In the suit, Tyrese said Voltron has invested $450k in the project and has worked on it for nearly a decade. Flash forward to 2022, Tyrese said Joan refused to sign paperwork to extend the deal.

Tyrese said he was cut out of a potential biopic despite investing a substantial sum of money. He sued Joan and Teddy’s estate demanding $1 million in damages.

Now, in a newly filed response, Joan denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

Joan admitted she had a deal in place with Tyrese’s company. She said the initial agreement was signed in 2011. However, Joan claimed that Voltron “subsequently” assigned its all of its rights under the Option Agreement to” Warner Bros, “thereby making Warner Bros. the successor-in-interest to Voltron with respect to the Option Agreement and Voltron no longer a party to the Option Agreement.”

Joan’s argument is Tyrese’s company assigned the rights it had to Teddy’s life story to Warner Bros in 2019. She said Voltron has no part in the deal now due to Voltron handing over the rights to Warner Bros.

“Voltron’s claims are barred because Voltron seeks to enforce an unenforceable agreement to agree,” her response read.

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