Brother Of KeKe Palmer’s Ex Submits Texts as Evidence in Custody War With 'Insecure' Costar DomiNque Perry |

Brother Of KeKe Palmer’s Ex Submits Texts as Evidence in Custody War With ‘Insecure’ Costar DomiNque Perry

Sarunas Jackson is embroiled in a custody battle with his ex-girlfriend over their 5-year-old daughter, Zen Jackson.

via: Radar Online

KeKe Palmer’s ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson’s brother Sarunas is using a series of text messages in court as he fights his former Insecure co-star DomiNque Perry over custody of their daughter.

According to court documents obtained by, Sarunas Jackson submitted the communications as part of his attempt to prevent DomiNque from moving from Los Angeles to Texas with their daughter Zen.

As we first reported, in September, Sarunas filed a ‘Petition to Determine Parental Relationship’ against DomiNque in Los Angeles Superior Court. The actor said the two are the parents of the 5-year-old child.

Sarunas and DomiNque were costars on the HBO hit show. In court documents, Sarunas made it clear that he was never in a relationship with DomiNque but they were strictly friends who hooked up.

In his filing, Sarunas asked that he be awarded joint legal and physical custody.

DomiNque opposed his petition claiming Sarunas had never been denied the opportunity to see his daughter.

She claimed since their daughter’s birth, “despite the emotional volatility and intimidation that [Sarunas] has directed towards me,” she has been committed to “fostering a positive co-parenting relationship with [Sarunas] because I know that is in Zen’s best interest.”

DomiNque explained she goes back and forth between Texas and California. She said she stays in Los Angeles when she books acting gigs.

However, she said she recently told Sarunas she planned to move to Texas permanently due to the costs in LA.

She said Sarunas never objected but instead he filed his court case without telling her. She said the petition prevents her from moving until a final decision is made by the court.

DomiNque demanded she be awarded primary custody. She wrote, “[Sarunas’] visitation routines are dependent upon when he expresses a desire to see her.”

She added, “Generally, [Sarunas] requests to see Zen are sporadic. Because Sarunas’] has attained a certain level of success in his career, he generally works and has to travel even more than I do. I am concerned with whom Zen may be left with in the face of his extended absences.”

Now, Sarunas has submitted text messages allegedly sent by DomiNque that show she had initially agreed to joint custody.

In the alleged text, sent following their daughter’s birth, Sarunas said, “Also, we co parenting .. so we 50/50 correct? I’m assuming lol. Just want to make sure it’s clear even thou it’s a known thing.”

She replied, “Yea 50/50 I agree” to which Sarunas said, “I know it’s common sense just good to say” with the hands raised in the arm emoji to express his happiness.

DomiNque replied, “It is much so common sense but that’s fine that you wanted to clarify it.”

Sarunas hopes the text will back up his demand for joint custody. A judge has yet to rule.

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