Two Bodies Believed to Be Missing New York Couple Found in the Dominican Republic

Authorities in the Dominican Republican said they recovered two bodies from a car crash who they believe might be a missing New York couple who vanished while on vacation there.

via NYP:

Dominican police believe the couple may have gotten into a car accident on their way to the airport from their all-inclusive resort in the northeast section of the country, according to the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre.

Orlando Moore, 43, and Portia Ravenelle, 32, both of Mount Vernon, were supposed to fly back to the US on March 27 but never returned.

On Tuesday, police officials said fishermen reported finding a car in the water near where the couple would have been driving, according to the Diario Libre report.

Police recovered a decomposing body that may be Moore’s, according to the report.

A woman with trauma to her body was also transported to a hospital from the area and died four days later, according to the report.

Police are working to determine if the fingerprints from the two bodies match the couple’s.

A car accident? We’re not trying to start any conspiracies, but that sounds sketchy.

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