Trina Addresses Current Friendship With Nicki Minaj Following Their 2019 “BAPS” Collab Fiasco |

Trina Addresses Current Friendship With Nicki Minaj Following Their 2019 “BAPS” Collab Fiasco

Trina recently sat with Carlos King on Reality With the King where she not only doubled-down on Beyoncé being the reigning “Queen of Rap,“ but also addressed the current state of her friendship with Nicki Minaj.

The drama started after Reginald Saunders, the head A&R of Trina’s Rockstarr Music Group, called Nicki a “deceiver” and “manipulator” for her lack of support for the track. Speaking to host Carlos King, Trina said that the person reacted emotionally and that only complicated things further.

Trina added that she saw her team member’s action as a betrayal because she worked so hard to score a collaboration with everyone in the album. She went on to say that she reached out Nicki and thankfully, there’s no bad blood between the two femcees. Trina also noted that Nicki was the one of the first people to reach out to her when her mom passed away.

Elsewhere in the episode, Trina clarified her comments regarding Beyonce Knowles being the best female rapper. While some people thought that Trina was shading Nicki with the statement, Trina shut down the speculations.

Trina claimed that she had just come off “The Renaissance” tour during the interview and the fact that she’s a huge fan of the “Lemonade” singer prompted her to name the diva when asked about the best female rapper.

Upon catching wind of the interview, some fans didn’t seem to buy Trina’s words. “girl bye beyonce does not rap , yall dont wanna give nicki that title she most def deserves,” one wrote in an Instagram comment. “Nicki stay getting dragged for things that happen behind the scenes. And months or years later everybody wanna clear the air. y’all always make her look like the bad guy,” someone else added.

Defending the “Barbie World” spitter, another user said, “I feel bad for Nicki its crazy how people make up things on her. Y’all made it seem like Nicki came for Trina now look at the truth.” Another Barbz commented, “Her team created the issue and LIED on Nicki and Trina let it ride until she couldn’t and checked her team. Mind you Nicki did the song for FREE. Oh ok.”

via: AceShowbiz

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