Trey Smith & Quincy Brown Tapped to Star in New Creative Recreation Ad Campaign [Photos]


Two of Hollywood’s most dapper celebrity offspring have been tapped to star in Creative Recreation’s latest ad campaign — Trey Smith, son of Will Smith as well as model/recording artist Quincy Brown, son of Al B. Sure and stepson of Diddy.


via Pret-a-Reporter:

Twenty-four-year-old Brown recently starred in the 2015 acclaimed film, Dope, and noted, “Sneakers are definitely the whip cream on a sundae. It’s actually the cherry on top.” Going on to say how shoes define one’s character he said, “Shoes can tell a lot about you, especially with the style. If you’re rocking your jeans over them or you got the tongue out, there’s a lot of things you can break down to it — the cherry on top. What kind of cherry is it? Some people got just the regular cheap cherries. Every time I do a dessert, I make sure I do the cherries with the seed in them. You got to do a little more work, you can’t just eat the cherry off the top. So that’s how shoes are to me.”

Smith weighed in, noting that being a football star growing up, his early love for clunky athletic sneakers has given way to a more refined look as he has gotten older. “As I got older I wanted to simplify. I started not to really care for big shoes — that’s when I started wearing Creative Recreation.”

He also noted his predilection for shoes that aren’t too flashy, “I feel like the shoes I wear each day set a piece of that day’s tempo. When I’m DJ’ing I usually like any sleek low profile shoes — when I’m up there on stage I don’t want shoes being louder than my mix. My black CR ‘Cesario’s’ are my favorite — I love that silver emblem.”

Being that both are young creatives, Smith noted that his famous father reminds him that “Everything you touch, make it better.” Brown added: “Whether it’s a device, a phone, a shoe, no matter what it is — being creative is almost like that state of zen. It’s like therapy, just trying to dig deeper to be creative.”

It’s a good look for both of them, don’t you think?

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