Traci Braxton Claims She's Hacked After Attacking Sister Tamar On Twitter [Photo]

Traci Braxton’s twitter feed was looking super crazy and suspect yesterday. A lot of trashing of her sister Tamar.

via: AceShowbiz

Traci Braxton raised people’s eyebrows after sending out nasty tweets about sister Tamar Braxton on Tuesday, November 24. In one of her posts on Twitter, the “Braxton Family Values” star called the singer “a miserable a** b***h,” much to everyone’s surprise.

“It’s sad @TamarBraxtonHer the industry made u so depressed they wasn’t paying you u shaved your hair off,” a tweet read, referring to Tamar’s suicide attempt and her beef with WEtv earlier this year. “Let me talk my s**t let’s talk about it.”

As fans quickly speculated that the account was hacked, the account insisted, “Man f**k y’all i ain’t been no mf HACKED. I’m posting the real tea.” It went on adding, “Tamar a miserable a** b***h I will will go against her own blood for a check HELLO SOMEBODY. Tamar hoseface a** need to take them Botox out her moose face.”

Noticing the mess which was going on her Twitter account, Traci took to her Instagram account to explain that someone took over her account illegally. “Please Do Not respond to my Twitter account!!!!” the reality TV star urged. “Unfortunately it’s been hacked. So please if you sent money, I have clue where it’s going!!!”

Despite that, some people didn’t buy her words. “She lying,” one fan was convinced, while another fan added, “Bye traci.” Someone similarly commented, “Guh that twitter wasn’t hacked.” Meanwhile, a person thought she was expressing her true feelings, writing, “girl, that’s how u really feel about your ‘sister’.”

Tamar was indeed not in the best relationship with her sisters amid her struggle with depression, which led her to make a suicide attempt back in July. Accusing her sisters of restaging their reactions to her suicide attempt on their TV show, the 43-year-old responded to a fan who wrote, “Wait!!!!! WeTv was recording BFV when Tamar was going through it and they still using it for ratings after she voiced her issues with them? This is crazy because I just saw it and WOW!”

“No pumpkin they wasn’t. It’s ALL restaged for tv. And that’s my fckn issue,” so Tamar, who unfollowed her sisters on social media, claimed. “Remember @wetv said we have parted ways in August. I am no longer employed by them and they are STILL using me and my hurt to make a coin. What show talks about old cast members?”

“..But the rest of the story you are going to have to catch Wednesday. It’s just so wild that everyone has had a chance to tell their stories about me and when I want to tell my own, & how I choose to tell my own, I’m called crazy and unstable. So bizarre,” she added in a separate post.

Giving Traci the benefit of the doubt, if we know one thing, that is those Braxton sisters have no problem saying what’s on their mind.

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