Tory Lanez and DaBaby Tried To Ambush Megan Thee Stallion on Stage, Court Docs Say

While we await Tory Lanez’s sentencing, more details about his behavior towards Megan have been released.

via: Daily Beast

Convicted R&B artist Tory Lanez and rapper DaBaby attempted to ambush Megan Thee Stallion during her set at the 2021 Rolling Loud music festival, according to court documents viewed by The Daily Beast.

On Tuesday, the State of California filed a sentencing memorandum for Lanez, who was found guilty last December of shooting Megan in the feet during an altercation on July 12, 2020. Prosecutors are requesting the “Luv” singer serve 13 years in prison, citing a “campaign of misinformation” aimed at the 28-year-old and other antics leading up to the trial.

The 12-page memo, first reported by Meghan Cuniff, specifically highlights an incident on July 25, 2021 when Lanez showed up at the hip-hop festival Rolling Loud in Miami where Megan was performing. Lanez garnered headlines for his appearance during DaBaby’s set that weekend. DaBaby also drew heat from Megan’s supporters, given that the two had previously collaborated on multiple songs and were supposedly friends.

Now it turns out Lanez and DaBaby had additional plans to surprise Megan during her set.

“During the victim’s performance, the defendant went through security clearance and entered the green room,” the memorandum reads. “These areas were within 100 yards of the stage where the victim was performing, in violation of the protective order.”

The doc continues, “It was also brought to the victim’s attention that the defendant and DaBaby attempted to rush the stage during her performance. In no way was the victim previously aware of nor did she consent to the defendant’s presence at the venue when she would be performing.”

Prosecutors say that Megan was “incredibly fearful” when she discovered Lanez had violated the protective order. They cite the instance, along with false information he spread online and his taunting of Megan in musical recordings, as further attempts to “re-traumatize” the Grammy winner.

“The defendant has failed to exhibit any remorse, which begs the question whether any of the apologies he directed to the victim in his text message and jail call were genuine,” the docs read.

For his part, DaBaby has also publicly attacked Megan throughout the shooting ordeal. In June of 2021, the North Caroline rapper retweeted a post mocking the “Savage” singer about the incident, which he blamed on a glitch. He also claimed that he slept with Megan on his 2022 track “Boogeyman.” “You play with me that sh*t was childish/ The day before she said that Tory Lanez shot her, I was f*ckin’ on Megan Thee Stallion,” he raps. Megan has since publicly distanced herself from the musician.

In March, Lanez’s attorneys filed a motion for a new trial, claiming that evidence in the case was wrongfully admitted. A judge for the Superior Court of Los Angeles rejected the motion last month. Lanez is set to be sentenced on June 13.

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