Jim Jones Believes Canada’s Wildfires Could Be Apocalyptic [Video]

New York City looked like an apocalyptic wasteland today, and Jim Jones took to social media to let his thoughts be known.

via: Vibe

Capo hit Instagram on Wednesday (June 7) to state his grievances with New York City’s hazardous air quality, asserting “there’s something going on.” Beginning with his viral foot tap, the Dipset weatherman then proceeded to launch into his analysis of NYC’s “yellow tint.”

“Enough is e-f**king-nough. We really need to know who the f**k is in charge out here. What is going on?” he started. “It’s June, I still could wear a Pele tonight when it get chilly. And now the sh*t is yellow outside and my ni**as uptown in the Heights might think Jesus is smoking Hookah ’cause it’s so foggy.”

“What is this? Smoke? Y’all gone tell me the fire in Canada got my sh*t smoky out here? Somebody got to tell me where summer at, ’cause right now this sh*t is not even making sense…We definitely at the end of the Bible. What did God say? ‘Fire and hail and’—boy, I’ma go back inside. Somebody tell God this ain’t the club. Stop smoking Hookah up there. I’m out.”

According to CNN, Philadelphia, Jersey City, N.J., New Haven, Conn., and NYC have dangerous air quality indexes due to Canada’s wildfires. AirNow.gov also reported that the index is sitting between 200 to 300 and “is considered very unhealthy.”

Jones’ bestie, NYC Mayor Eric Adams, spoke about the hazardous air quality at a Wednesday (June 7) news conference, claiming that the index is the highest level on record since the 1960s.

“While there may be potential for significantly improved conditions by Friday morning, smoke predictability that far out is low,” Adams warned. “It’s difficult to predict the movement of the smoke. This is an unpredictable series of events, and we cannot provide guidance more than a day in advance at this point.”

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