Toosii Calls Out Shaq Over Alleged 'Can I Have That Baby' DM to Rapper's Girlfriend in 2022 |

Toosii Calls Out Shaq Over Alleged ‘Can I Have That Baby’ DM to Rapper’s Girlfriend in 2022

Shaquille O’Neal’s making waves for splashing around with his much younger GF … which is his MO, according to “Favorite Song” rapper Toosii, who has a bone to pick with the NBA legend.

The rapper responded to a social media post claiming Shaq once sent a message where the 52-year-old told Davis “let me have that baby” in regards to her child with Toosii.

“One time this n***a dm Samaria and said ‘let me have that baby’ talking about my son. Weird ass old head,” he tweeted.

“Man idk if this how old n****s flirt or what,” he wondered, along with a screengrab of the alleged DM.

My Mixtapez posted a series of photos on Thursday showing Shaq with a woman on a yacht. The post alleges the woman is 21 years old.

A community note under the post referenced a 2019 Bossip article about the NBA Hall of Famer being pictured with a mystery woman while in Formentera de Segura in Spain. The same photos, among others, are included in the article.

Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline also provided some context, reiterating that the photos were taken in 2019 when O’Neal, was 47 years old. The woman’s age was not verified. It was not confirmed that the two were in a relationship at the time.

Toosii added more on his Instagram Stories, saying in a video,

“So apparently I guess what he was saying was, he wanted my girl. Which like, if I would’ve read it like that, I never would have posted it ’cause, I mean, n***as gonna DM your girl. … But I thought he was talking about something about my son. I just seen ‘baby.’ That’s all I seen, I just seen, ‘Can I have that baby?’ No comma.”

Cartoonist Obi Aris commented on the matter on X, claiming the woman is his friend and she was “like 27” at the time.

“I rarely address this kinda mess, but that’s my homegirl,” Aris tweeted. “Were they together? Briefly. Was this years ago. Yes. Was she 21? Absolutely not. She was definitely older than that when this happened b/c I WAS AT HER 21st birthday. So be weary of these pages. They just want clicks.”

Shaq discussed his flirting style on his podcast while addressing an Instagram post earlier this year where he wrote that Ice Spice is “so dam fine.”

O’Neal claimed the caption of the post, which shows himself alongside Ice Spice and Taylor Swift, was his way of showing the rapper “some respect.” The barely believable defense was coupled with an off-the-cuff remark he made earlier in the episode in which the NBA legend said Ice is “fine as fuck, by the way.”

Shaq later confessed that his approach is “unorthodox.” If the DM in question is true, Toosii would agree 100 percent.

via: Complex

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