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Tinashe Says It May ‘Take Me a Second’ to Figure Out the ‘Direction’ for Her Next Album

Tinashe says a new album is coming — but it’s going to take some time.

via People:

The “2 On” singer’s fifth studio album, 333, was released in August 2021. It marks her second record, after 2019’s Songs for You, since becoming an independent artist earlier that same year.

Tinashe, 29, tells PEOPLE exclusively she’s “always working on new stuff,” including four new tracks that were released as part of a deluxe version of 333 in March. But she has some stuff to figure out when it comes to the vision for her sixth album.

“I think it’s going to take me a second to really get my footing on what direction I want to go next,” says Tinashe, who recently teamed up with The Blonds x Motorola Razr for their Pride Month collaboration. “But I definitely always want to try something new.”

At this time, Tinashe says she’s “using the inspiration of being able to do all these shows and touring again” to help shape what’s next for her musically.

She’s been able to do this as recently as this past weekend when she performed at The Blonds x Motorola Razr’s Pride Extravaganza, held at The Boom Boom Room in NYC. Ahead of the event, the two brands created a limited-edition, couture lanyard that will give 100% of the proceeds to the New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project.

The event celebrating the collaboration amid Pride Month was a very meaningful occasion for Tinashe, as she previously came out as bisexual.

“It’s great to be a part of something that obviously gives back to a cause that I am passionate about. I am a supporter of LGBTQ+ community in New York and anti-violence, I think, is so important,” says Tinashe. “It’s something that I’m 100% behind. So, it’s really important to me from that aspect. And then, aside from that, it’s really fun just to be involved in Pride for New York and to celebrate.”

The Dancing with the Stars alum continues, “It’s super important just to be involved, in general. Being able to perform and give that extra element of doing what I do best and combining it with something that is super relevant to who I am as a person and my personal life, kind of blend those worlds, because sometimes I think of them as really separate.”

Being open about her sexuality is something that Tinashe “definitely” feels has “brought me closer to my fans.”

“Being true to who you are, it makes you a better artist, in general,” she continues. “That’s something that I really try to focus on in my artistry and in everything that I do as an artist, is try to represent who I am [on] a really real, really intimate, really raw level.”

The “X” singer adds: “I think that fans can tell the difference and it creates better art, and it makes you a better artist when you incorporate those things.”

Whatever direction she decides to go in next, we’re sure it’ll be great!

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