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Tinashe Files for Restraining Order Against Man Who Tried to Break into Her LA Home

Tinashe says she’s been getting stalked by a guy who showed up at her front door and tried to get inside.

via: Daily Mail

The singer, dancer and actress filed for a restraining order against a man who she maintains showed up at her house a number of times in the past week, including three times in one day, according to TMZ.

It all started with her being randomly tagged on Instagram by a man named Ramon Oppikofer, whom she has never met, since 2022.

Things then went from virtual to reality when she said the man showed up at her brother’s private birthday party, uninvited, on October 27.

Tinashe (born Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe), 30, went on to explain how he handed her a hotel room key, which she gave right back to him, all while trying to laugh it all off.

The situation got even scarier for her when she claimed he had showed up outside her Los Angeles home on November 1, where he just lurked up and down her street.

The police were called to come out and confront the man but he had left the scene by the time they arrived.

In the court documents, Tinasche claimed the guy came back the very next day, but this time actually went up to the front door to ring the bell.

After getting no response, he left only to return and drive up to the front of her house a little later in an SUV, and call her out by name.

Some people, who were inside her home at the time, came out to confront the man, but again he left without and further incident.

The Lexington, Kentucky native says the man came back yet again on November 3, and rang her doorbell, only to be greeted by her father, but this time instead of fleeing the scene, he tried to break into her house.

Scared for her life, Tinasche ended up going to an area of her house where she could lock herself inside, but she said Oppikofer tried to open the door.

Some music studio workers at the home then confronted the man and he proceeded to leave.

Still not completely deterred from trying to meet with Tinashe face-to-face, the 2 On star claimed he continued to lurk outside of the property, long enough for the police to arrive and arrest him.

He was eventually charged with misdemeanor trespassing and then released from custody a short time later.

Within the documents, Tinashe pleaded with the judge to sign-off on court-ordered protection to help keep Oppikofer away, because she fears he’s going to show up at her home again and potentially put her life at risk.

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