Tiger Woods Investigated For 'Reckless Driving' After Brutal Car Accident

Looks like Tiger Woods may not completely in the clear from the law following a serious rollover car accident last month. The pro golfer may face a charge for misdemeanor reckless driving for causing the incident that landed him in the hospital.

via: The Blast

The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department executed a search warrant on the car of Tiger Woods after his brutal roll-over crash because the detectives are investigating possible reckless driving in this case.

According to multiple reports, a search warrant was prepared by the department outlining the details of the horrendous accident which included details establishing probable cause for the warrant.

As we reported, authorities said there were no skid marks, objects were badly damaged before the car came to rest on the side of the road, and it was a single-car accident. All of these lead them to believe there might have been reckless driving.

The L.A. Sheriff’s search warrant was specific to the vehicle’s black box which would contain information about the speed, and details of the condition of the car in the minutes before the accident.

Probable cause is needed before authorities or a judge can sign off on a warrant for someone’s property. Interestingly, according to one report, the words “reckless driving” are not actually mentioned in the warrant. In fact, no specific crimes are listed in the warrant. But, as we said, a judge can’t sign off on a search warrant unless there is a probable cause of a crime.

According to one report, two things could have occurred in this case.

It’s possible a member of the Sheriff’s Department went to a judge in their chambers and discussed the warrant and case (something that is frequently done) and mentioned reckless driving. Or, the judge simply read over the documents and could determine there was probable cause based on the evidence and issued the warrant.

Plus, it should be noted, the warrant specifically mentioned that Tiger Woods was not impaired during the accident — something they have said all along.

Interestingly, the search warrant did not mention collecting blood samples from Tiger Woods following the near-fatal accident.

The Sheriff has repeatedly stated that Woods was not impaired during the accident — but only one way to determine if medications played a part in the crash is to test his blood.

As you know, Tiger just completed his fifth back surgery. Back in 2017, he checked into a clinic to deal with prescription medications following a DUI arrest in Florida. But, the Sheriff appeared to confirm they would not be getting a sample, saying, “absent the evidence of impairment, you’re not going to get a search warrant, period. You’re not going to get it signed by the judge.”

At this point, Tiger has NOT been charged with any crime.

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