That's Nasty: Ikea Creates Candle with Swedish Meatball Scent

For whatever reason, Ikea is now selling a candle that smells like the store’s famous Swedish meatballs.

via NYDN:

The Huvudroll candle is part of a sweepstakes celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the company’s loyalty program, called Ikea Family.

The online event begins Aug. 6 and ends Aug. 22. All grand prize winners and runners-up will receive a candle, but grand prize winners will receive several more items as part of a “Store in a Box.”

Ikea previously shared a meatball recipe to help shoppers get through the early days of the pandemic, but made it clear that their reveal was “A meatball recipe, not the IKEA meatball recipe.”

How about instead of making meatball candles they make an ‘express exit’ for their stores? That seems like a better use of time.

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