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Teyana Taylor Accuses Ex Iman Shumpert of Smoking Marijuana, Being Under the Influence Around Their Kids

Teyana Taylor says Iman Shumpert ignores the safety of their children when they’re in his care.

via: Radar Online

Taylor fired back at Shumpert in court after he denied her claim he’s irresponsible with their daughters.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Taylor claimed the ex-NBA star’s answer to her divorce petition contained “blatantly and knowingly false statements.”

Taylor filed for divorce from Shumpert in January 2023. The entertainer accused her ex of being an incredibly jealous partner who often picked fights with her.

In her petition, Taylor demanded primary custody of their 2 daughters and support. She claimed their children, Junie and Rue, “appear to be disheveled” and “are not fed properly” while in his care.

Taylor said Shumpert was not “attentive” to their children’s needs and accused him of having a “reckless disregard for the safety and well-being” of their daughters.

“ [Shumpert] asks for significant time with the parties’ minor children, but then leaves them with his parents or others for a majority of the time requested. [Shumpert’s] interest in the parties’ daughter is more like his chance for photo opportunities as opposed to [Shumpert] providing true parenting and care for the girls. [Taylor] further shows the Court that when [Shumpert] gets angry, he is irresponsible with the girls,” the petition read.

In addition, Taylor claimed Shumpet moved out of their marital home and into “one of the parties’ fully renovated, turnkey homes, while leaving” her and their kids “in the parties’ primary residence that has been under construction for the past three (3) years because the Respondent has failed to pay for his portion of the agreed upon renovations.”

Months after the divorce was filed, Taylor and Shumpert agreed to pause the divorce and try marriage counseling. A couple of months later, the duo was back in court after the reconciliation attempts failed.

In his response to the divorce, Shumpert denied it was in the best interest of the children to live primarily with their mother.

Further, he denied he was irresponsible with their children. He admitted moving into a separate home but claimed the property was his sole property not community property.

Shumpert agreed that child support should be paid but asked that Taylor not be awarded spousal support.

In her new motion, Taylor fought back against Shumpert’s claim regarding his parenting.

It read, “By way of further response, [Taylor] states that [Shumpert’s] adulterous and illegal conduct is publicized on numerous news outlets and in Court documents. Furthermore, [Shumpert] consistently fails to properly care for the minor children including but not limited to failing to feed them despite being in the Martial Residence with the minor children, smoking marijuana and being under the influence while caring for the minor children, and placing the minor children in a rideshare in Chicago which resulted in the minor children being dropped off at the United Center in general population while he utilized the services of a private driver. [Shumpert] consistently demonstrates a clear disregard for the safety of the minor children.”

Further, she said the home Shumpert moved into recently IS community property because her and her parents made numerous upgrades which increased the value. She claimed to have lived in the home prior to moving into the current under-construction home.

The divorce battle is ongoing.

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