Kelly Price Says She Was the Only ‘Sunday Best’ Judge Who Wasn’t An Adulterer or Pedophile |

Kelly Price Says She Was the Only ‘Sunday Best’ Judge Who Wasn’t An Adulterer or Pedophile

Kelly Price has shared a startling revelation with her fans.

via: Atlanta Black Star

Before claiming various gospel singers and preachers she has worked with are leading sinful and secular lives, including some trying to get in bed with her, Kelly Price commented on her stint as a host on BET’s “Sunday Best” show.

Price appeared as a judge on BET’s award-winning gospel competition show for 12 episodes from 2019 to 2020, alongside celebrity judges Erica Campbell, Jonathan McReynolds, Keyla Richardson, and host Kirk Franklin.

However, according to Price, she was the only judge or mentor working on the series who wasn’t engaging in illicit sexual activity.

She dropped the bombshell while calling out Meta for pulling down something she posted on their platform.

In reply to a person named @classy_queen_5 who cracked a remark about her dropping a dime on the ills of the church entertainment industry, the former Def Jam singer clapped back with the wrath of the rapture.

“Lord deliver us from pastor h—s and pedophiles,” she wrote. “Deliver us from self righteous congregants who send their money to liars and pimps in plain sight. Then come deliver me.”

Sunday school was open as she continued to “let have,” writing, “The nerve you have. I was the only artist/Judge on Sunday Best that wasn’t f—king someone else’s spouse, fornicating or messing with kids and boys but you have smoke for me? FOH you ignorant church going brain dead a—hole.”

Many questioned her fit in the Gospel show when she was cast because she was a recognized R&B/pop singer. However, the “Sunday Best” producers and her colleagues recognized her deep roots in the church and thought she would be a good addition.

However, her tenure was short-lived, and she abruptly left the program after the second episode of season 10 auditions. She has never spoken about why she left or her feelings about the show and the other judges until now.

Price, who was the last person to sing with Whitney Houston before her tragic death by overdose, continued to blast Classy Queen T, “I’m a child of a preacher 3+ generations and I have NO desire to be named among the gospel community. Wonder why? You don’t. Cuz you already know what it is.”

She later warned the person to get off her page before she tears the person a “new one.”

The original thread has been deleted, but screenshot by The North Carolina Beat IG page.

One person wrote, “Let me find out the Kelly Price is the new Katt Williams.”

The pettiness did not stop there. Price also shared a screenshot of Queen T’s Instagram page, noting her 108 followers and her bio which features a quote that read, “Beautifully made. Always take the high road and stay classy. God is good.”

By no means was Price taking her advice.

The singer captioned, “Please like follow and share, and if you can find her music anywhere online, buy it. She’s looking for attention so let’s give her some.”

She continued in her comment section writing, “And for this person, and anyone else out there who is like her you don’t get to harass people, and when they respond in like kind, report them to have their pages struck, or their comments removed. If you a bad a— be one. And if you’re not really about that life, shut your mouth because your Twitter fingers and your Instagram attitude is gonna get you caught up in ways that you’re not ready to deal with one day.”

Fans seemed to crack up at the stunt.

“Your clapbacks have me weak! Idk why folks think this is the page to come on and get sassy unprovoked,” one person wrote.

While many enjoyed Price getting down and dirty with the social media troll, others said they were tired of this and wanted only one thing from the South Jamaica native: music. Fans want to hear that golden voice, “Now Ms. Kelley I’ve waited long enough for an album. I’m tired of waiting. Enough!”

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