Teddi Mellencamp Shares ‘Happy’ Surgery Update After Melanoma Diagnosis

Teddi Mellencamp is updating fans on her health after having 11 melanomas and three lymph nodes removed from her back following a stage 2 cancer diagnosis.

via Page Six:

“Finally here with another melanoma update, and it’s one I’m happy to share,” she captioned an Instagram post on Wednesday, where she also showed off the scars on her back.

“Pathology is back— the surgeries were successful and the margins are clear. I also got genetic testing results and there are no mutations we need to worry about,” the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum, 41, explained.

She described the situation as “eye-opening,” adding that “it’s a lesson” she will never forget nor stop advocating for.

The accountability coach urged her fans to let her scars be an inspiration “to get preventative care” and “be proactive so you do not have to experience this.”

Though the outcome of the surgeries was triumphant, the “Two Ts in a Pod” co-host says that she still has to keep a close eye on her health.

“I will now continue to get checked every 4-6 weeks, as my doc says this may be a record number in one area,” she explained. “You guys know I’m competitive but this is one record I’m not looking to beat.

“As always, thanks for all the love, support and well-wishes. I feel very blessed and grateful for it all?,” Mellencamp concluded.

Her post was met with an outpouring of love as several reality stars and fans congratulated her on winning her most recent cancer scare.

It’s good she’s sharing this journey with her fans — you never know how many people’s lives she’s saving by encouraging them to get checked before its too late.

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