Teaser: Ne-Yo - Burnin' Up [Video]

Get into this new teaser for the video to Ne-Yo’s new song, “Burnin’ Up“. The project is a result of his partnership with Malibu Red rum. I can’t wait to hear the full song. This might be the first Ne-Yo single in a few years that I actually like!

It’s not that I have a problem with Ne-Yo, because I think his songwriting is brilliant. His first two albums were great and I think that he has some really great unreleased material. For some reason, his whole image/persona doesn’t really work for me anymore. I honestly don’t even know who he is. One minute he’s talking about how much of a ‘gentleman’ he is and then he’s releasing videos where he’s throwing money at below average looking strippers.

Anyways, check out the clip below and let me know what you think! The full video premieres April 9th.

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