Tami Roman Emotionally Speaks Out On The Damage Done To Her Texas Home [Video]

Tami Roman shared her story as one of the millions of Texas residents who have been affected by the deadly and dangerous snowstorm in Texas. Through a series of now-deleted Instagram posts, Roman said that in addition to being grateful for all those who have made an effort to help her and her family during this time, she also wanted to encourage others to hold onto hope.

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In a series of emotional Instagram videos, Tami Roman breaks down in tears over the damage done to her home from the winter storm that hit Texas.

Roman used her platform to connect with her fans during the current historic winter weather hitting the Lone Star State. According to NBC News, more than a million people lost electricity due to the storm, and Texas accounted for more than half. The extreme weather also disrupted water service for more than 12 million Texan residents.

The television personality shared videos on her Instagram stories to update her followers.

In the video, Roman reveals the extensive damage done to her Texas home. While pushing through tears, she explains, “I’m sitting in my trailer…just trying to keep it together, because I know I gotta go and perform today like everything is okay…everything I’ve been working so hard for to give my children…just ripped away in an instant.”

She goes on to acknowledge other people who may be dealing with a similar situation due to the storm, saying, “And I know everybody is going through something…I don’t feel like it’s just me.”

Roman thanks her fans for their support during this tumultuous time. She also speaks on her faith and offers advice to those in need. Roman says, “Whatever you’re going through…its a reason for this season. Just keep your head up, continue to stay in prayer, and know that on the other side, per usual, things will be greater.”

She then shared an actual post to her Instagram of the intense damage done to her home. With pipes that seemingly burst in her house, the video shows water pouring everywhere and severe damage done to the walls, floors, and structure of her home.

As of right now, the New York Times reports that millions of Texans are still without power, with even more winter weather expected to hit the state Thursday afternoon.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement that “most of the state will be below freezing” this weekend.

Prayers to everyone in Texas during this time, if people want to help here is a list a way you can.

Donate to a mutual aid fund, such as Mutual Aid Houston, Austin Mutual Aid, or Feed the People Dallas. All three groups are working to provide housing, food, and other support systems to those in need.

Donate to a food bank in Texas. Feeding Texas has a comprehensive list of food banks across the state, searchable by zip code.

Donate to national organizations, such as the Salvation Army and American Red Cross in North Texas, Central and South Texas, and the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

Donate to or volunteer with disaster relief organizations like Crowdsource Rescue, which has been activated to help those in Texas.
Help animals in need by donating to organizations such as Austin Pets Alive!, SPCA of Texas, and Operation Kindness. Note that some facilities, such as Operation Kindness in North Texas, may be impacted by power outages.

Support local journalists as they respond to the crisis and get the word out by donating to a GoFundMe for the Austin American-Statesman, the Dallas Morning News, and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Live in Texas or nearby? Participate in AirBnB’s “Open Homes” program by either opening up your spare space to those in need or by donating. NoirBnB is offering a similar service, asking users to open up their homes if they are able to. NoirBnB can be reached by email via [email protected]

Conserve power if you’re in Texas by following this handy guide from the Austin American-Statesman.

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