Style File: Lebron James In Custom Nike x LBJ Sweatshirt & En Noir Leather Sweatpants [Photos]

2013 Taco Bell Skills Challenge

No surprise that arguably the best player to step foot on a basketball court, ‘King James’, was taking in all of the festivities of the NBA All-Star Weekend, and doing so very stylishly we will add! Lebron wore a grey leather sleeve Nike x LBJ crewneck sweatshirt with his rampant lion logo on the front, paired with the popular baggy style En Noir leather sweatpants we have seen many celebs, both male and female, wear. Lebron also rocked a pin on the sweatshirt that said ‘INSPIRE’, which is from fashion stylist Curran J.’s brand ‘Kings Rule Together’. The sweatshirt was remixed by NBA/celeb stylist Rachel Johnson, as she added the leather sleeves to enhance the look and swag effect for one King James! This is a great do-it-yourself project also, for a sweatshirt that may need an upgrade so go ahead and give it a try Lovemuffins!

What do you think of Lebron’s All-Star Weekend look? More pics below…

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