Still Coming For His Coins: 50 Cent Ramps Up Efforts to Collect $50k Still Owed From 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Teairra Mari |

Still Coming For His Coins: 50 Cent Ramps Up Efforts to Collect $50k Still Owed From ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Teairra Mari

Rapper and business mogul 50 Cent is steadfast in his efforts to collect a 5-figure judgment from reality TV star Teairra Mari.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, earlier this month, the rapper filed a Writ of Execution against the ex-Love & Hip Hop star in Sacramento County in California.

The Writ was addressed to the Sheriff’s Department and directed officers to “enforce the judgment” which grows with “daily interest.”

50 said Mari still owed him a total of $50,476. He was initially awarded $30k in legal fees and another $5k in sanctions and other fees. However, due to Mari having not paid a dime on the debt, interest in the amount of $14k was added to the bill.

The Writ will allow 50 to ramp up the collection efforts in Sacramento. He did not reveal why he believed Mari had assets in Northern California. He said her last known address was in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2018, Mari sued 50 Cent and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad. She claimed her ex logged into her Instagram account and posted explicit photos and videos of her.

Mari said 50 reposted the image on social media to his 18 million followers. She claimed to have suffered “significant long-term emotional injuries, requiring psychiatric services.”

50 argued the image he reposted had already gone viral by the time he published it. He denied causing Mari harm. In 2019, a judge sided with the rapper and dismissed all claims against him.

The judge then awarded him $30k to cover the legal bills he racked up to defend himself.

For years, 50 has attempted to collect on the judgment. He previously accused Mari of failing to turn over bank records or answer questions about her income.

At one point, 50 hired a private investigator to track down Mari. The reality star eventually agreed to appear for a debtor’s examination in court. At the hearing, Mari claimed she didn’t have any assets for 50 to seize.

In court, Mari claimed she had “virtually no assets and virtually no sources of income and not have had any kind of employment since late 2019.”

In addition, Mari claimed she received “minimal income” through sponsored Instagram posts. She said she had launched her own skincare business but had yet to turn a profit.

Mari told the court that she was only seeking employment in the entertainment industry and had “no interest in a “nine to five” job.”

The reality star said she was open to a payment plan with 50 but failed to propose a plan.

The battle is ongoing.

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