Stacey Abrams And Brian Kemp Are Nearly Tied In New Poll For Georgia’s Governor Race

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) appears to be in a statistical tie with Republican nominee Herschel Walker, while Republican Gov. Brian Kemp holds a slight lead over Democratic rival Stacey Abrams.

via: BET

According to an 11Alive poll, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is at 45% with Stacey Abrams at 44%, which is a statistical tie in the poll. 4% of voters surveyed were likely to select another candidate and only 7% were undecided. White voters supported Kemp at 62% and Abrams at 21%. Black voters supported Abrams with 85%, compared to Kemp’s 9%.

Abrams, who narrowly lost the gubernatorial election in 2018, ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination. She will face off a second time against Gov. Brian Kemp. He defeated Sen. David Perdue, who was among several Republican candidates in Georgia backed by former president Donald Trump.

A win for Abrams would make her the first Black woman to hold the office of governor in U.S. history and would be a major rebuff of conservative politics. However, a loss would entrench Republican power in a battleground state that the GOP sees as key in winning in the 2024 presidential election. That said, a Kemp win wouldn’t necessarily mean a Trump win. The two parted when Kemp’s administration backed the election being certified in favor of Biden.

Get out and vote Georgia.

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