Spotlight: Nyna Touch - Kiss & Make Up |

Spotlight: Nyna Touch – Kiss & Make Up

I get close to 100 music submissions per week from artists and labels trying to get me to post things on the site, which is cool…but most of what I get a chance to listen to is subpar. I always said that if I was going to post unsigned talent, it would have to be something that I 100% liked and have listened to at least 5x. Welp, I like this song.

Kiss & Make Up” is the debut single from Nyna Touch. She’s a Liberian-American artist who’s trying to give us R&B music with a worldly appeal. She wants to mix her heritage/culture to produce timeless music inspired by Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Brandy, No Doubt, Michael Jackson, Prince, Grace Jones and others.


I could try and get all ‘music journalist’ on you and give you a bunch of superflous adjectives as to why I like the song, but there’s no need. Just listen to it. If you would like to know more about Nyna Touch, visit her website.

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