Soulja Boy’s Ex-GF Demands Sheriff's Department Seize Rapper’s Lambo, Bentley & Cash at His LA Mansion to Collect on $500k Owed |

Soulja Boy’s Ex-GF Demands Sheriff’s Department Seize Rapper’s Lambo, Bentley & Cash at His LA Mansion to Collect on $500k Owed

Back in April, a judge awarded Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers $235,900 in punitive damages in their civil case.

via: Radar Online

Soulja’s ex-girlfriend Kayla has asked a judge to sign off on LAPD officers entering the rapper’s pad and seizing his property to satisfy a 6-figure sum he owes her, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, Myers, who was awarded $472k in a lawsuit accusing Soulja of assaulting her at a 2019 house party, is making moves to collect.

Myers said during the trial the rapper testified that he owned several valuable exotic automobiles including a yellow Bentley, a red Lamborghini, a Dodge Charger Hellcat, and a yellow Mercedes-Benz.

The rapper’s ex said Soulja also testified that he owns a diamond-studded “Soulja Boy” neckchain worth $10k and a black Cartier watch worth $8k.

In addition, Myers said Soulja owns several other items of jewelry and chains, that she claims he did not disclose during his trial testimony.

She said he also possesses large stacks of cash (typically kept in backpacks) which he “regularly posts photographs on Instagram.”

Myers asked the court to enter an order that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is authorized to enter Soulja’s home and “seize and levy” his property.

As first reported, Soulja pleaded for the court to reconsider the $500k judgment.

He argued the $236k in punitive damages was too high. The rapper said that he had a $1 million tax lien filed against him, doesn’t own any real property, lost a bunch of gigs during the pandemic, and isn’t pulling in money like he did when he released his 2007 hit Crank That.

He did reveal he rents a home for $25k a month and can pull in up to $50k per show before expenses.

Soulja said the punitive damages should be reduced. His ex argued the rapper could, “simply liquidate just the Lamborghini and Bentley and clear out the whole judgment entirely. He’ll still have his Mercedes-Benz and Dodge Hellcat to drive; he’ll still be able to live in his $25,000 per month mansion, and keep all of his other valuable assets.”

At a hearing, the judge denied Soulja’s motionr. He argued that while the rapper’s net worth is technically negative given the tax debt, he could make money quickly.

The judge also advised Soulja to reduce his overhead.

“Someone as close to zero (financially) as defendant claims to be might want to scale down the living arrangements. $25,000 is a lot of monthly rent—even in Los Angeles. There is no reason of which the court is aware that he could not relocate to a more “modest” $10,000/month home,” he said.

Soulja has yet to respond to Myer’s recent motion.

As previously reported, in court, Myers claimed Soulja bashed her head with a gun at the 2019 party. She claimed he had his assistant tie her up with extension cords and keep her inside the home.

Myers claimed she was only able to escape after performing a sex act on the assistant.

Soulja’s ex-girlfriend reported the incident to police which led to the rapper violating his probation in another case and being thrown in jail for a brief period of time.

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