Soulja Boy Claims He Owns Atari, Is Selling His Gaming Company for $140 Million [Video]

Is Soulja Boy the first rapper to own a video game company? Let Draco tell it: he may very well be.

via: XXL

According to a video posted on YouTube on Wednesday (Aug. 18), Soulja Boy—while rocking an Atari baseball cap and sweatshirt—hopped on his Instagram Live to announce that he reportedly owns the electronic gaming company Atari.

“I’m now the owner of Atari,” he said in the video. “I own the video game Atari.”

The Atlanta rapper further explained that the people at Atari were proud of his work with the SouljaGame Consoles and SouljaGame Handhelds. Soulja Boy added that he’s selling his own gaming company to Atari.

“We are about to sell the company for…$140 million,” Soulja continued. “Atari reached out…I just signed two deals with Atari. I’m the owner. The first rapper to ever own a video game company.”

Soulja Boy has been on his entrepreneurial grind for several years now. Big Draco has previously sold watches, received $10,000 for guest verses and saw his profits triple during the COVID-19 pandemic with his soap company, The Soap Shop.

On the music side, Soulja Boy dropped his latest project, Big Draco, in July. It also looks like he’s eager to get into the boxing ring as well.

Watch the Soulja Boy video below. Fast forward to the 16-second mark to watch his announcement that he now owns Atari.

So far, Atari has not yet confirmed the alleged changing of the guard. Time will tell if they ever do.

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