Son Arraigned On Murder, Mutilation Charges In Father’s ‘Gruesome, Horrific’ Death

FLINT, MI – A 27-year-old Flint man has been charged with the murder and dismemberment of his father after police found the remains of a body Tuesday morning in a dumpster in the City of Flint.

Aron Scott Reeves II is charged with Open Murder and Disinterment and Mutilation of a Dead Body after a police investigation identified the body of Aron Scott Reeves, 50, which was found in a dumpster at a business on Davison Road between Averill Avenue and Center Road. The deceased was the father of Reeves II.

On Tuesday morning, March 24, 2020 at 8:45AM, Flint police responded to reports of presumed human body parts being discovered in plastic trash bags in a dumpster. Upon arrival and finding body parts, the Michigan State Police Crime Lab was called to process the scene. An entire human body was discovered in parts in several bags along with other key pieces of evidence.

The evidence led police to a home on Tiptree Path in the City of Flint where further evidence was discovered in trash bags set to the curb. Police then obtained a search warrant from the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office for the suspect’s home and further evidence inside led to the arrest of Reeves II.

Investigators found blood at the home and a circular saw, which police believes Reeves II used to dismember his father’s body. Authorities believe the elder Reeves died of stab wounds.

“This was a gruesome discovery and horrific crime scene,” said Prosecutor David Leyton. “The suspect is in custody and will be arraigned on the charges in 67th District Court,” Leyton said.

[via Breaking911]

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