Sleeping Beauty: Kim Kardashian Misses The Days Of Getting Make-Up Done While Sleeping


I think we may have found the real life ‘Sleeping Beauty’! Kim Kardashian took to her blog today to express her feelings of missing the days when her former make-up artist Joyce Bonelli, would apply a full face of make-up while Kim slept! Yes, you read correctly…slept, sleep, nighty night!

Kim wrote…

I miss sleepy makeup! Joyce used to do my make up when I was sleeping. Oh how I miss those days of waking up looking so glam! Xo

Most people only get this treatment for their own funeral… must be nice to have it done while still breathing! Our only question…Why is Kim sleeping in her closet? Guess we would also, if ours were filled with hundereds of thousands of dollars worth of designer duds!

What do you think lovemuffins? Would you like to get the glam treatment while dreaming away in lala land?!

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