Sign the Petition to Remove the Confederate Flag from South Carolina Government Property


While we can’t end racism overnight, we CAN remove racist symbolism from government property.

Did you know the Confederate flag still hangs on South Carolina Statehouse grounds? It’s way past time for it to go — especially in the wake of the racially-motivated Charleston Shooting.

“Symbols of hate have no place in our government,” the petition posted on reads. Karen Hunter, the MoveOn member who started the petition, says the flag’s symbolism is not one of southern pride, but “of rebellion and racism.”

At a press conference in Charleston on Friday, NAACP President said images of Roof displaying the flag “as an emblem of hate” proves that it is more than “merely a symbol of years gone by.”

After being posted Thursday morning, the petition now has over 342,000 signatures.

South Carolina lawmakers Gov. Nikki Haley and current Congressman Mark Sanford have both passed on opportunities to call for the flag’s removal in the past, but maybe now they’ll reconsider.


There’s no reason a flag heralded by racists should remain in front of the South Carolina state capitol alongside a Confederate memorial, nor should it still be protected by a state law crafted specifically to keep the flag flying on the statehouse grounds.

Sign the petition, and let’s help make things right!

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