Shocking! Violent Family Brawl Breaks Out at DISNEYLAND as Screaming Children Look On [Video]

Disneyland is supposed to be ‘The Happiest Place on Earth,’ but for some it became a place of fear and violence.

via KTLA:

The footage, recorded at Mickey’s Toontown on Saturday, shows two men and two women throwing punches at each other near at least three young children, two of them in a stroller.

Several people tried to intervene and stop the altercation, as other parkgoers, including children, appeared stunned.

Park security eventually arrived to stop the fight. It’s unclear how much time passed before they got to the scene.

Those involved in the violent altercation were removed from the theme park, according to a statement from Liz Jaeger, a spokeswoman for Disneyland Resort.

“Any type of violence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated,” the statement read.

On Monday, Anaheim police said everyone involved in the fight belongs to the same family and that they were uncooperative when officers responded to the scene.

“A report was taken,” the Police Department said. “There was no video at the time. Now that we have video, the investigation can continue.”

Watch the video below.

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