She's Still Got It: Tyra Banks Gets Super Fierce for Black Magazine [Photos] |

She’s Still Got It: Tyra Banks Gets Super Fierce for Black Magazine [Photos]


Whether she hosts a talk show, reality show, or writes a book, Tyra Banks will always be known as one of the best super models in the game.


And her photo shoot with Black magazine proves just that.


Along with taking fierce pictures, the former Sports Illustrated model talks fashion and her accomplishments.

On how she first found fashion: “To be honest, I wasn’t attracted to the fashion industry, the fashion industry found me. I was discovered on a school bench the first day of high school by a fellow student. I thought I was far too awkward and gawky to ever be associated with modeling but it was actually those qualities that launched my early career.”

On early roadblocks to her career: “The major roadblock was the color of my skin. It was difficult being an African American face in the industry. Fortunately, my mother taught me that it wasn’t me, Tyra Banks, the person, being picked apart; they viewed me as a product, so I rarely took it personally.”

On career achievements: “The ones that stand out are signing a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, doing a Superbowl Pepsi commercial with Cindy Crawford, my idol. Being an original Victoria’s Secret Angel for 10 years and being on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, twice.”

On how the public reacted to her going from modeling to TV production: “The interesting thing is a lot of people think that I just produce Top Model or host it but people don’t understand that I created the idea and it is the very first fashion themed reality show in history. I chuckle when people think I signed on to do it.”

She better werk!

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