Sheryl Underwood: What She's Said About Sharon Osbourne Dispute [Video] |

Sheryl Underwood: What She’s Said About Sharon Osbourne Dispute [Video]

For one reason or another, there’s been a lot of focus on giving Sharon Osbourne a platform to talk after she showed out on “The Talk.” There really hasn’t been the same energy for Sheryl Underwood, the woman on the receiving end of Osbourne’s venom.

As we reported she briefly talked about her experience the next day on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show.” What hasn’t been talked about as much is that fact that, Sheryl talked about the incident last week on her podcast, “The World According to Sheryl.”

During the podcast, Sheryl thanked everyone for their support and explained she was moderating the day she and Sharon Osbourne clashed because the usual moderator, Carrie Ann Inaba, was out sick.

Just to recap, Sharon and Sheryl got into a heated debate regarding Osbourne’s support of her longtime friend, Piers Morgan. Morgan has been accused of racism in his comments about Prince Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

While Osbourne was in tears about the incident—even though she told Underwood not the cry—Underwood shared that she didn’t harbor any ill feelings once the conversation was over.

“The vibe for me was, this was already forgiven and over as soon as it was said.”

Osbourne didn’t share the sentiment as Underwood said Osbourne was dropping f bombs during the commercial breaks. But Underwood wanted to make sure the co-hosts were able to articulate a clear cut conversation to the audience. For that reason, Underwood said she wanted to be calm and focused to adequately do her job.

As for her feelings, Underwood said, “My mantra, my way of thinking, is always forgiveness first and right beside that is apology,” she said. “Those two things go together. I don’t know what’s in Sharon’s heart. I don’t know what she’s feeling. The only feelings I can control … are my own.”

You can listen to the full podcast, below.

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