Sheree Whitfield’s Boyfriend Sends Cease and Desist to Bravo

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Shereé Whitfield’s boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams’ legal team has reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Bravo demanding that the network stops using his name and likeness without his permission.

HIs lawyer, Jason C. Berger fired off the letter on Monday (Nov. 22).

“Please be aware that at no time has Mr. Gilliams or his agents entered into an agreement with Productions or the Network, or otherwise granted permission to Productions, the Network, or any third party entity to use his name or likeness in connection with the Program,” the letter reads. “Furthermore, we are not aware that Productions or the Network made any inquiry or gesture to contact Mr. Gilliams’ representatives to obtain such authorization.”

The “flagrant violations” included but “are not limited to” four YouTube clips featuring Tyrone.

He claims the network has been profiting off him for years and including him as a recurring storyline without approval.

If the network fails to cease, Tyrone and his legal team are threatening to move forward with more legal action.

He also wants the network to remove him from any social media posts, delete any footage they have of him, and keep him out of any advertising and marketing.

If you’re wondering where all this is coming from — last week, Sheree wanted Tyrone to film for ‘RHOA’ while she was in Philly. He’s living in a halfway house and meeting up with Sheree to film would’ve violated the conditions of his release and sent him back to prison.

He didn’t actually shoot the scene, but he was concerned the optics surrounding his involvement would be bad enough.

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