Sheree Whitfield Wants You to Know She's NOT Married to a Felon -- But They ARE Close Friends

Is Sheree Whitfield secretly married to a felon?

After pictures of Sheree and her ‘friend’ Tyrone Williams all hugged up during a prison visit hit the web, rumors began swirling that the two might have secretly tied the knot.

According to her rep, the rumors aren’t true.

“The pics are from one of the only times she’d ever visited him, and it was August 2016,” says her rep. “They’re old pics and not recent.”

Just because they’re old doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on — in fact, Sheree’s rep doesn’t deny that she and Tyrone are good friends.

“She’s not denying they’re friends and close, but married is a stretch.”

Alright, Sheree. Do you think something special’s going on between Miss Whitfield and her prison lover?

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