The Shade! Beyoncé & Ms. Tina May Have a Message for the Recording Academy [Photos]

Beyoncé not winning Album of the Year at this year’s Grammy Awards has been one of the most talked-about moments of this past week.

While Bey’s been nothing but gracious about the ordeal, these pictures taken shortly after the ceremony might reveal her true feelings.

In the photos, Beyoncé and Ms. Tina throw up the middle finger. Now, out of ALL of the poses a mother and daughter could assume for a photo — why the middle finger?

Combine that with the fact that the pictures were released just hours after headlines about a secret committee sabotaging Black artists surfaced…we think there might be a message here.

One thing we know about Beyoncé is that nothing she does is coincidental. She’s always had command over her timing!


“Middle fingers UP, put those hands high…”

We can’t say for sure this is in response to the Grammys snub, but we also can’t say it isn’t! What do you think?

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