Seasonal Transition: Sporty-Chic

Helmut Lang Sweatsuit

The Sporty Chic trend has been around for some time now, and is usually more popular when tempatures are warmer. But with the fall season starting in less than 2 weeks, who says you have to stop your love for the Sporty Chic look cold turkey? Here are some tips for transitioning this trend, along with a style palette below to help you keep the look  through colder temps!


Fall Prep: Transition your Sporty Chic Looks


1. Invest in wedge sneakers. Not only are they stylish, but they are comfortable and versatile, and will keep your feet warm. For a more sophisticated look, go with an ankle bootie with laces or mesh and suede detailing.

2. Bodysuits can be worn under coats and jackets or even under button down shirts, as layering clothing is key during the fall season. A peek-a-boo effect with the bodysuit, under heavier garments adds a subtle sexiness.

3. Look for clothing with mesh, lycra, spandex, and jersey fabric and detailing. Leather piping and detailing add to the look as well; especially for dresses. Structured, fitted dresses are best to create the athletic look, and short hooded dresses can be worn as a shirt and paired with leggings as well.

4. Color Blocked pieces are great for top pieces and dresses, and metallics can add sophistication to the look. Metallic  jackets and shirts dress up the entire look.

5. Thick Opaque Leggings or leather leggings pair well with crop sweaters and leather coats. Calf or ankle length Harem pants and sweatpants with a fitted elastic band at the bottom are stylish and comfortable.

6. Look for athletic inspired 2-piece outfits, like the Helmut Lang sweatsuit in the main picture above. Many designers are creating these looks and then all you have to do is accessorize.

7. Jewelry should be minimal but make a statement. Cuffs, chain link detailed jewelry, and natural leather pieces work best for a sporty look. Leather driving gloves or leather fingerless gloves help to complete the look also.

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