Say What Now? Uber Passenger Shot and Killed His Companion in the Backseat [Video]

An Uber passenger in Houston was shot and killed by a fellow rider Friday moments after climbing into the backseat of the car.

via NYDN:

The unidentified male victim was gunned down in the rear passenger seat of the SUV with the driver just inches away, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said at a news conference.

The shooter, who never entered the vehicle, walked around the driver’s side to the back and “immediately began open fire into the backseat where his companion was,” striking the victim “multiple times,” Gonzalez said.

The driver, who was not hurt, hit the gas and took off with the injured victim still inside before calling police, officials said.

The suspect fled on foot and was the subject of a manhunt Friday.

Gonzalez described the shooter as a black male wearing a white t-shirt, tan pants and shoulder length dreadlocks.

“The driver is okay, and he’s cooperating with investigators at this time,” Gonzalez said.

Watch the police press conference on the incident below.

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