Say What Now? Prison Inmate Fathers Kids With 4 Female Guards


This is out of control. I thought things like this only happened in movies and HBO dramas.

Tavon White, an inmate known as “Bulldog,” took control of a Baltimore prison gang soon after his arrival in 2009 on an attempted-murder charge.\

White said in a recorded conversation that he made as much as $15,800 in a single month selling contraband in jail, and gang members once boasted they could turn $1,000 in profit on an ounce of marijuana.

The indictment alleges that White used his power to maintain a steady supply of smuggled cellphones, marijuana and prescription medications inside the jail. Money also flowed freely into and out of the jail, according to the indictment, transmitted through prepaid debit cards.

By this spring, White was confident of his supremacy in the jail, according to summaries of intercepted calls included in the affidavit.

“I hold the highest seat you can get,” he told another alleged member of the gang. “So regardless of what anybody say, whatever I say is law. Like, I am the law. My word is law.”

White had sexual relationships with numerous prison guards and got four pregnant, prosecutors allege. Two of the guards had his name tattooed on their bodies — one on her neck and another on her wrist, according to the indictment.

“These sexual relations cemented the business ties and the association of the corrections officers with the enterprise,” prosecutors wrote in the indictment.

via Baltimore Sun


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