Say What Now? Man Kills Girlfriend, Posts Bloody Murder Photos on Facebook

say what now murder facebook

Kenneth Alan Amyx took over his girlfriend Jennifer Streit-Spears’ Facebook account on Sunday to share photos of Jennifer — after he killed her.

The first photo he shared, was of him covered in blood. The second, of her dead body along with the caption: “Please pray for us.”

via CBS:

Police say officers responded to a call about a disturbance at 2300 Kathryn Lane Sunday from Streit-Spears’ sister who was not there at the time.

Officers forced their way into the apartment where they found Streit-Spears stabbed to death and Amyx alive with knife wounds police say appeared to have been self-inflicted.

Amyx is also charged with sexual abuse of a child.

He is in the Collin County Jail.

Police say Amyx took a photo of himself and also one of the victim and posted it on her Facebook page. That post is now evidence in the case.

Fran Stamey, a friend of Spears, was shocked to find a grisly photo of a dead woman on her friend Jennifer Spears Facebook page.

“The pictures were not clear although they were extremely scary. I just started to reach out to our mutual friends to see if they’ve anybody knew anything,” said Stamey. “It’s hard to think that somebody would just do something like that and have the guts to post something like that.

The photos were accompanied by a blood covered face photo of a man police say is Kenneth Amyx along with messages that said, “Please pray for us and love you all.”

Neighbor Taylor Dunafan never noticed anything unusual about the couple.

“I didn’t see them every day. I don’t want to say often but I mean I never heard anything anytime you saw people coming out of there they looked normal, didn’t look angry didn’t look like murderers or anything,” said Dunafan.

Stamey is frustrated the photo of her deceased friend stayed on Facebook for about 36 hours.

“She was a really good friend. I’m angry, upset, frustrated. What is the world coming to that, not only committing the crime, but posting pictures?” says Stamey.

A spokesperson for Facebook defended their actions to CBS11.

They told us graphic photos are not a violation of Facebook’s policy and even though they were flagged, they could not be removed until monitors determined Spears profile was hacked.

Prayers up for Jennifer’s family. We can’t imagine how traumatizing this entire situation is.

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