Say What Now? Joseline Hernandez 'Knows for a Fact' that Cookie from 'Empire' is Based Off of Her [Video]

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Joseline Hernandez is a fan of Empire — but really, who isn’t?

The show keeps rising in ratings and the storylines get juicier and juicier!

VH1 caught up with Ms. Joseline to get her thoughts on FOX’s new breakaway hit, and she believes that everyone’s favorite “Cookie Lyon” is somewhat based off of her personality.

She tells the interviewer:

“Yaaaaassss, I love ‘Empire’¬†honey! I know Cookie been taking some lessons from me. I mean, where you think she got it from? That ain’t all her character, that’s Joseline Hernandez’s character — I know that for a fact!

Shoutout to Ms. Cookie though.”

What do you think? Did Taraji pull a little inspiration from ‘The Puerto Rican Princess?’

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