Say What Now? Gilbert Arenas' Former Assistant Convicted of Stealing Over $2 Million From Him


Gilbert Arenas’ former personal assistant was found guilty of stealing money from the former All-Star on Wednesday.

A federal jury found John A. White on 11 counts of wire fraud.

On Wednesday a federal jury convicted John A. White, personal assistant to Gilbert Arenas from 2006-12, of stealing more than $2.1 million from the former Wizards star. 

According to prosecutors, White stole money during a period from 2008 to 2011, making unauthorized bank transfers from Arenas’ accounts into three accounts of his own.

He was also convicted of four counts of filing a false tax document because he did not report the stolen money in his tax returns.

If you were wondering what he did with the money — he spent it on a Ferrari and a Range Rover, in addition to making mortgage payments on his house.

White faces a maximum sentence of 232 years in prison.

[via Bleacher Report]

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