Say What Now? CO Restaurant Holds 'White Appreciation Day' with Discounts for White Customers [Photos + Video]

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With Colorado being the first state to fully legalize marijuana, you would think that residents of the state would be among the more progressive in the US — right?

Well, apparently not ALL residents.

“On June 11th, what we plan on doing is ‘White Appreciation Day.’ And basically on that day, all white people would get 10 percent off,” Edgar Antillon, owner of Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe in Milliken, Colorado, told NBC affiliate KUSA.

The idea for “White Appreciation Day” was originally a joke, but Antillon decided to turn it into a real event. He even put up signs advertising the day. It reads, “White Appreciation Day! June 11th. Because all Americans should be celebrated.”

Last time we checked, singling out ‘white Americans’ doesn’t exactly celebrate ALL Americans.

“We have a whole month for Black History Month. We have a whole month for Hispanic Heritage Month. So we figured the least we could do is offer one day to appreciate white Americans,” Antillon said.

Did he forget about the entire rest of the year?

We can’t wait to see how this one plays out. We say, on June 11th, if you’re not white and near Milliken, Colorado, you should stage a sit-in!

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