Brian McKnight's Son Niko Slams Tyrese Gibson for Defending His Estranged Dad: 'Sit This One Out' |

Brian McKnight’s Son Niko Slams Tyrese Gibson for Defending His Estranged Dad: ‘Sit This One Out’

Brian McKnight’s son Niko McKnight slammed Tyrese for defending the fellow singer’s estranged relationship with his eldest biological children.

“Tyrese used to sleep under our pool table when I was a kid,” Niko McKnight began in an Instagram Story published on Tuesday, May 7, in response to a series of Instagram Stories Gibson, 45, published on Monday.

“I know the 90s RnB brotherhood blood is thicker than anything but you should sit this one out champ. You have relationships to fix with your own children and your own past decisions you’ve made on behalf of p—- and power,” the photographer continued, referencing Gibson’s relationship with his daughters, Shayla, 16, whom he shares with ex-wife, Norma; and Soraya, 5, whom he shares with ex-wife Samantha.

“The allegiance to those two things is what keeps you guys from seeing that the only thing that matters in the end is family. Real men can see past the bulls—. Let me stop though. This 46-hr chemo infusion has me ready to fade Jody,” he added, referencing the actor’s role in Baby Boy and announcing he’s undergoing chemotherapy for his current cancer diagnosis.

“That’s not right. Peace and Prosperity,” Niko concluded.

On April 13, McKnight published an Instagram post in which he said, “In order to live a life that you love, you have to get rid of the evil and the negativity — even if that evil and negativity is related [to you].”

After he shared that video, one user commented that McKnight “disowned” his eldest children, Brian Jr. and Niko, whom he shares with Julie McKnight; and Brianna, who is from a previous relationship.

The singer then replied, per BET, “1. God wasn’t talking about children that are the product of sin which these are 2. I didn’t raise them their mothers did 3. Know the whole story before quoting the Bible 4. Take your inaccurate negativity off my page and try being happy.”

Following the Grammy nominee’s post and comments, Rickey Smiley shared a supportive message to McKnight’s eldest children on May 6, via Instagram. In the video, Smiley, 55, told the children: “I just wanna say to Brian McKnight kids — to all of his kids — the ones that he said that’s born in evil, born out of evil … whatever he claims or whatever — that you have a lot of support out here.”

Smiley, 55, also captioned his post: “I want the adult children of #BrianMcKnight who’ve been #disowned to know they have a lot of support out here, you are not thrown away.”

Brian Jr. and his mother Julie thanked Smiley for his words in the comment section.

“I really appreciate this man! All we can do is pray for that man now,” wrote Brian Jr., and Julie added: “Thank you so much.”

Gibson responded to the comedian’s Monday video in a series of Instagram Stories. “There have been specific things done over the years that are nobody’s business that has contributed to where they are,” Gibson said, adding, “Kids out here be going above and beyond to cross you. I do not what that man… or his kids.. or anything about anything.”

The Fast and Furious actor concluded, “What I am talking about is I feel like it is not fair to act as if relationships between men and their children… can’t fall apart,” per The Shade Room.

via: People

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